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[download] zauma dara 3t2 retextured

It's already been retextured five times over, but damn it I had to do it my way too.

I requested at GoS for Zauma's Dara hair to be converted from TS3, and it was done by Amaryll. :3 I retextured it using a blend of Pooklet's v2 textures and Zauma's originals. The scalp is textured too, using a texture I got from a Nouk hair.

There's a texture misalignment on the back of the hair (which you can see here, albeit with slightly different textures) but there was nothing I could do about it, since the issue was present on the original hair and textures too. I tried to minimize it as best as I could but it's still there.

The mesh works for teen-elder and comes in the same set of colors I always use...

Binned and familied with elder grays linked to blonde.

Credit: Zauma for original TS3 mesh, Amaryll for converting it, Zauma, Pooklet, Nouk for textures, Pooklet, Io, Hat for color actions.

[ download ]

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Thank you so much. It's gorgeous.
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Thank you!