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Keith ([personal profile] nailtek) wrote in [community profile] junky2014-01-29 08:39 pm

[download] screenshot backdrop recolored

This is one of those things I was meaning to do for a long while...

Nothing too crazy, just that old screenshot backdrop that everyone uses in a few more colors. I always want more variety from it so I recolored it with Huning's Pony colors.
There's a few more color sets I want to do too that I'll get around to eventually...

Pictured in the above screenshot is the color "key lime" I think, and this one is "sour grapes".

Here's the swatch of colors from [ profile] huning's original post.

All the colors in the above swatch are included, as is the backdrop mesh.
Credit goes to Mixedup for the original backdrop and Huning for the colors.

[ download ]

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[personal profile] jadedbird 2014-01-30 04:26 am (UTC)(link)
Ooh just in time for an upcoming photo shoot. I love these colors, thanks a bunch!