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[download] newsea crazylove streaked

Okay, I have no real excuse for taking as long to post this as I did. I made this set for Garden of Shadows' Egg Hunt and then promptly forgot about it. But now I went in game and took some new preview pics for it and here it finally is on my blog.

12 streaky and slightly gradiented recolors of a retexture of Newsea's Crazylove hair on Martini's 3t2 mesh. Recolors work for all ages, female only obviously.

CREDITS: Pooklet for the textures and color actions, AlfredAskew for more color actions, Newsea for the mesh, Martini for the 3t2 conversion and also BIG thank you to ZeroDark who took the original preview pic for me (the one packed in the download).

[ download ]