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Policy, Downloads, etc.

Hi. I'm Lace. Just call me that.

Edit and reuse however you want, just credit me and anyone else whose work I may have used.
Never profit. Don't charge directly for anything using my stuff, and don't put it behind an Adfly link.
If you make a big edit like an age conversion or adding morphs etc, send me a link.
Ask me before reusing my Sims 2 stuff for Sims 3.
Please do not convert my Mass Effect conversions for TS3.

This blog is Sims 2 only! You can find all my TS3 downloads at Tumblr.

Click here for a directory of all my content.

Hair Info:
All the hairs I retexture use Pooklet's V2 textures. These are the colors I use:

All colors are Pooklet's and Io's, except for Smoke Bomb and Tsar Bomba. Smoke Bomb is Almighty Hat's homebrew, and Tsar Bomba is my own (pipe bomb set to overlay 50% on time bomb).
All hairs posted after 3/6/13 have elder grey pinned to blond. Elders do not keep their color, they go grey. I always include Time Bomb as an all-ages custom. If you want the other greys as all-ages custom, just ask.

I have buttons. ^_^ The left is for my Dreamwidth, and the one on the right is for my Tumblr.