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UPDATE 8/16/14: Kalynn over at Garden of Shadows has added morphs to, fixed up, and age converted this! You should go get her replacement mesh because it's better than this one.

I think is the last thing I had that was finished before I hiatused. Okay, "finished" probably isn't the best word for this because it's not as good as I'd like it but it's passable enough to share, I think. I showed it a while back and I figured might as well post it since I still have it.

Pretty much is what it says on the tin, Aeris' dress from Final Fantasy 7 because I had a need for it for some reason, probably because I was annoyed with the fact that there didn't seem to be a sims version of her dress without the jacket painted on.

Jacket is from H&M stuff pack but I took it off this outfit by SerenityFall, put it on top of Amaryll's Alice dress, and then tacked on those big boots by Stradlin.
This is the first mesh I did that wasn't just a shoe swap so it's got its share of issues, there's some seaming on the waist you can see in the pic above, I tried to fix it back when I was making the mesh but couldn't. No morphs, also. Probably has some other issues too, been a while so I have forgotten.

ANYWAY you can edit this however you want, convert it, recolor, fix all my mistakes for me, basically do whatever. Credit to Maxis, Amaryll, and Stradlin for the meshpieces and textures I smooshed together.

[ download ]

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Posting without too much fanfare - an old project I started right before my hiatus.
Available at Plumbbob Keep.
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Hi all, it's been quite a while. Let's see if I still remember how to do this.

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I have been mulling it over a bit, and since I have started creating for TS3 on a more regular basis I've decided to start more clearly defining where I will be posting content for what games.

I've been posting the bulk of my newer content for both games over at Tumblr because to be perfectly honest, I am lazy as sin and Tumblr caters to that because I don't have to re-resize my preview pics to something more forum-friendly and it just instantly formats everything nice. But I digress.

From now on, all TS2 downloads will be at Dreamwidth and everywhere else I regularly post, so really just GoS and PBK sometimes. All TS3 downloads will be on Tumblr because honestly that seems to be where more of the community for it is at. I won't be doing any more crossposting, so no posting updates of TS2 things at Tumblr, and no updating TS3 content over here, aside from updating my download directory. I know my DW has been slow lately with stuff, the last thing I posted here exclusively was in February, and I'm sorry! Hopefully this will let me keep this blog more active.

And before anyone wonders, I'm not retiring from TS2 creating yet! I'm still very much learning the basics and the ropes with TS3 creation, but it's definitely what's been holding my attention for now. At some point I will probably take some sort of extended or semi-permanent hiatus from creating for Sims 2, but I still have a few projects (and promised things, augh, I am so sorry about those!!) I want to get done before I close the book on the game.
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- Followers Gift at Tumblr consisting of a hair retexture and dresses.
- Decorative flask at GoS.

As always, click for download posts.
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Hair retexture and two new clothing meshes at The Big Trade-Off.
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Something quick and a little old, more separates at PBK. I'll have some content to upload here soon.
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It's been a while since I've updated this thing! A quick roundup of what I've shared recently:
- Hoodies at Tumblr
- Hair at GoS
- Clothing and Oblivion conversions at Plumb Bob Keep
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Last bit of TS2 content from me for now. Recolors for one trade, and hairs for another.
Click pics for downloads.
TS2 hiatus begins now, time to gallivant off and start an affair with TS3.
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More things for you. Click pictures for downloads.

Three hairs in Flowermisty's colors and Jonesi blanket recolors, as my half of a trade with Flowermisty at TBTO.

Teeny set of Sheogorath-themed Oblivion conversions for the monthly theme at GoS.
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I participated in the GoS Blind Date event this month. My giftee was Bryde, and she shared the things I made her in the thread.
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I posted a hair retexture at Tumblr, click pic to see the post.
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These walls are originally by Cassandre, from her June's Bazaar set. I like and use them a lot, but needed more colors. I've been trying out different color action sets lately, this time around I used Huning's Pony colors.
I like using these as backdrops for close-up pics because they have a really nice, subtle texture. If you check out the personal tag on my Simblr you can see an example of what they look like close-up in some of the recent posts.

Here's the original swatch. All colors are included, and everything has proper filenames.

Credits: Cassandre, Huning


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A collection of stuff posted around.
- Follower's gift at Tumblr consisting of four sims and 7 hair recolors.
- Another sim at Tumblr.
- A set of eyes at GoS.
- My gift for CuriousB at TBTO.

As always, click the pictures for the downloads.


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