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Streaky hair and some posters, now at GoS. Click on the pictures to grab 'em.
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For one of GoS' December themes, I made a bunch of recolors and OMGWTFBBQ A NEW MESH. Want 'em? Grab them here.
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Concluding the content dump with this - a small batch of stuff that I don't have enough of to declare worthy of their own posts. And yes, the title image does not mention the wallpapers, I threw them in at the last minute because I forgot about them and later found them kicking about in my folder.

There are 3 clothing edits (more remixes), 3 posters, and 6 wallpapers.

More info + Download. )
In other news, my offer for a model-dump is still standing. Anyone interested? Just give me a shout with whoever you want.
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Just shared this recolor set over at GoS.
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I finally finished these! Took forever, but they're done now!

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I've just posted a massive set of recolors over at Garden of Shadows for their monthly theme. Head on over there for more info and download links! :D
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I made some recolors for this month's project at GoS. Go grab them, if you like.
Alternate download at
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My internet was knocked out earlier today so I quickly made these for personal use, but I figured I'd share, since my main reason for making these was because I couldn't find anything like this already!

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New recolors posted at Garden of Shadows. Go grab them! :D
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The only reason these weren't up earlier is because I didn't have any preview shots taken. Cabinets are tricky bastards to take previews of, especially such oddly-shaped ones like this.

But they're up now at Garden of Shadows, so you should go get them.
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I made these for the Earth Day monthly theme over at Garden Of Shadows, and figured I'd post them over here too since my DW is a bit...bare.

8 recolors of the huge square painting from Glamour Life Stuff, featuring "kaleidoscoped" photographs of flowers and tree. The photographs are slightly edited so as not to look as photograph-y.

You can see a preview of all the designs here. Glamour Life Stuff is required to use these - I would have had these done sooner, but I was busy scrounging around online for a similar custom mesh, to no avail. Oh well.



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