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i put up a hair at GoS. go get it if you want.

coolsims 54 coming later, just need to fix a quick binning error.
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click it!!!!!!!!

Remember when I said I'd have things to post soon? I wasn't kidding. Today was my day for the Garden of Shadows advent, and you should go check it out.
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This post does not receive the dignity of a cut because I am a scrub who apparently only took previews of one color. Welp!

But yeah, Agustin's pinned-back hair retextured with Pooklet's v2 textures and all of the natural colors. Binned, familied, elders go gray. Not much to say~

Credits to Agustin for the mesh (which is included), Pooklet for the colors and actions. Title is from "Torpedo Torpedo" by Mayhem, but not the black metal Mayhem, this Mayhem.


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Sup! I have stuff for you!

Look at this stupid hair. I love it. )
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Hi, long time no see. Been kicking around doing lots of things, not many of them interesting. Mostly playing Duke Nukem because I like killing things apparently.

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In other news, I will have more presents for you soon. A hair retexture and some more streaks. Possibly other things too.
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Streaky hair and some posters, now at GoS. Click on the pictures to grab 'em.
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I lied and made a thing. This is a very informal post, however.

This was a request over at GoS, and I figured since someone had already retextured it but only did the natural colors I'd finish the set.

No pictures cos my computer is an ass and crashed right when I was about to take a preview, that's why the set has a silly name. The hair is one of Peggy's new pay ones, the fuckhuge braids.

Comes in all of Pooklet's unnatural colors, which work from toddler to adult. Everything is tooltipped and named properly. Files are compressed but still huge. link only because Mediafire hates me right now.


Credit to Peggy for the mesh, Pooklet for the textures/actions, and Snapun cos I used her retexture as a base. Title is from "On It" by Mindless Self Indulgence, what a horrible band.

Back to this novelling business, then.
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Holy crap, hair! Posted over at GoS, go grab it.

In other news: working on more remixed clothing. Should have a dump of it soon. Will also have some edited makeup and stuff like that.
~watch this space~


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