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Two new things:
An edit to a skeleton mesh by Cyclonesue for a request at GoS. If you want a repositoried version there is one in the post below mine, done by [ profile] shastakiss.
I finally finished my set of Daedric statues. There are new statues and updated versions of ones I converted a long while ago.
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Another February, and so another year participating in the Blind Date event at Garden of Shadows. This year I got paired with [personal profile] hat_plays_sims, and the gift I made for her is linked above.
You can find in the download a large set of wood floors, object conversions from Oblivion and Morrowind, a few hairs in colors by Flowermisty, and some meshes updated with pregmorphs.

Make sure you check out Hat's awesome gift to me further up in the thread as well! :)
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- Followers Gift at Tumblr consisting of a hair retexture and dresses.
- Decorative flask at GoS.

As always, click for download posts.
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It's been a while since I've updated this thing! A quick roundup of what I've shared recently:
- Hoodies at Tumblr
- Hair at GoS
- Clothing and Oblivion conversions at Plumb Bob Keep
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More things for you. Click pictures for downloads.

Three hairs in Flowermisty's colors and Jonesi blanket recolors, as my half of a trade with Flowermisty at TBTO.

Teeny set of Sheogorath-themed Oblivion conversions for the monthly theme at GoS.
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I participated in the GoS Blind Date event this month. My giftee was Bryde, and she shared the things I made her in the thread.
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A collection of stuff posted around.
- Follower's gift at Tumblr consisting of four sims and 7 hair recolors.
- Another sim at Tumblr.
- A set of eyes at GoS.
- My gift for CuriousB at TBTO.

As always, click the pictures for the downloads.
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Contribution for this month's theme at GoS. Click above for my post.

I've been making so much stuff lately...countdown to the inevitable burnout.
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three hairs - two at GoS, one at tumblr. click pictures for links.
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WOAH BRO my first ever ~new item meshes~ oh man oh man. Conversions from Oblivion for this month's theme at GoS, click above to go grab them!
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i put up a hair at GoS. go get it if you want.

coolsims 54 coming later, just need to fix a quick binning error.
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click it!!!!!!!!

Remember when I said I'd have things to post soon? I wasn't kidding. Today was my day for the Garden of Shadows advent, and you should go check it out.
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Streaky hair and some posters, now at GoS. Click on the pictures to grab 'em.


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