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Oh my god I'm alive. Barely, but alive. Anyway, some stuff I made and put in other places because putting things on Dreamwidth takes effort and I hate exerting effort.

First: those god damn Homestuck horns and some other Homestuck stuff. Granted if you wanted these you probably downloaded them a long time ago but I'm mentioning them anyway because I can.

Some hair recolors because I went through a pastel goth phase.

A thing that was requested at GoS and I honestly forgot I filled until I found the files in my folders. Steffor's shutters in Aelia's Eco and Jewel colors. Comes with brand new radical repositoried meshes courtesy of Nymphy so even if you don't want the recolors you should still download them if you use the shutters.

Finally, more Homestuck garbage. I hit 300 followers on Tumblr so I made some Homestuck hoodies and then like three days later some chump unfollowed me so now I'm at 299 again. No that doesn't mean I'm going to make another 300 follower gift.

Okay back to doing nothing, see ya later.
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You always need more necklaces.

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Experimenting with a new look for preview/title pictures.

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