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[download] io's old amor dress shoeswapped

click to embiggen!

While hoarding more downloads for my ever-burgeoning folder the other day I ended up on [personal profile] zerographic's blog and took notice of her wishlist. Since I had some free time and wanted to make sure I haven't forgotten how to swap shoes I did a quick fill for it (erm, two actually. second one is coming later...).

So yes, pretty much is what it says on the tin - this dress by Io with the t-straps swapped out for those flats by Amaryll that I seem to put on everything. Mesh has got all its morphs and all the original recolors - there's also an extra purple recolor because...come on. It's me. Textures reimported in SimPE for less crunchiness.

Credit to Io for the lovely dress and Amaryll for the flats.

[ download ]

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[personal profile] zerographic 2013-12-16 06:36 pm (UTC)(link)
Well, you know I love it, darlin'!