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[download] maxi skirt with platform converse

This is a combo I wear IRL with surprising frequency and I got the urge to remake it for my sims...

The original skirt was made for teens by CatofEvilGenius, and at TBTO Trapping converted it for adults and retextured it. I shoeswapped it, again, with the platform converse converted here.

I got a bit lazy after doing the mesh so only Trapping's textures are included, so you get a gray, black, red, and teal. All of them have black shoes. The mesh has fat and preg morphs.
I could pretty easily make this for teens too, so if you want that just let me know.

[ download ]

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[personal profile] simlili 2014-01-13 12:44 am (UTC)(link)
Your DW is amazing, I stole a bunch of stuff, many thanks!
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Is it too late to ask for a teen conversion? :D