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[download] screenshot backdrop in kosmik colors

File this one under 'stuff that I shouldn't have put off uploading for so long'. I made these literally months ago but never bothered to post. Until now, it seems.

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[download] fallout missile launcher deco

There was a WCIF at Sims Cave for a missile launcher and since I haven't seen any around I offered to convert this one from Fallout New Vegas. Also included is a missile.

Both are decorative items and can be found in Electronics -> Misc (because the Deco section is plenty cluttered already) and both cost $150. The polycount for the launcher is upwards of 6k so use sparingly. The missile is much lower.
I tried to scale these appropriately so if you use an OMSP you will find they are sized to rest on a sim's shoulder, like how the launcher is positioned on the player character in the original games.

[ download ]

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[download] more conversions and a skeleton

Two new things:
An edit to a skeleton mesh by Cyclonesue for a request at GoS. If you want a repositoried version there is one in the post below mine, done by [ profile] shastakiss.
I finally finished my set of Daedric statues. There are new statues and updated versions of ones I converted a long while ago.
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[download] GoS Blind Date 2014

Another February, and so another year participating in the Blind Date event at Garden of Shadows. This year I got paired with [personal profile] hat_plays_sims, and the gift I made for her is linked above.
You can find in the download a large set of wood floors, object conversions from Oblivion and Morrowind, a few hairs in colors by Flowermisty, and some meshes updated with pregmorphs.

Make sure you check out Hat's awesome gift to me further up in the thread as well! :)
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[download] screenshot backdrop recolored

This is one of those things I was meaning to do for a long while...

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[download] honeywell's 3t2 fridge recolors

Hi all, it's been quite a while. Let's see if I still remember how to do this.

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[download] tumblr and some gos stuff

- Followers Gift at Tumblr consisting of a hair retexture and dresses.
- Decorative flask at GoS.

As always, click for download posts.
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[Download] More Stuff

It's been a while since I've updated this thing! A quick roundup of what I've shared recently:
- Hoodies at Tumblr
- Hair at GoS
- Clothing and Oblivion conversions at Plumb Bob Keep
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[download] more tbto

Last bit of TS2 content from me for now. Recolors for one trade, and hairs for another.
Click pics for downloads.
TS2 hiatus begins now, time to gallivant off and start an affair with TS3.
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[download] tbto & gos

More things for you. Click pictures for downloads.

Three hairs in Flowermisty's colors and Jonesi blanket recolors, as my half of a trade with Flowermisty at TBTO.

Teeny set of Sheogorath-themed Oblivion conversions for the monthly theme at GoS.
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[download] blind date & ts3

I participated in the GoS Blind Date event this month. My giftee was Bryde, and she shared the things I made her in the thread.
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[download] a bunch of stuff.

A collection of stuff posted around.
- Follower's gift at Tumblr consisting of four sims and 7 hair recolors.
- Another sim at Tumblr.
- A set of eyes at GoS.
- My gift for CuriousB at TBTO.

As always, click the pictures for the downloads.
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[Download] blood of the daedra - oblivion conversions

WOAH BRO my first ever ~new item meshes~ oh man oh man. Conversions from Oblivion for this month's theme at GoS, click above to go grab them!
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[Download] Stuff!!

Oh my god I'm alive. Barely, but alive. Anyway, some stuff I made and put in other places because putting things on Dreamwidth takes effort and I hate exerting effort.

First: those god damn Homestuck horns and some other Homestuck stuff. Granted if you wanted these you probably downloaded them a long time ago but I'm mentioning them anyway because I can.

Some hair recolors because I went through a pastel goth phase.

A thing that was requested at GoS and I honestly forgot I filled until I found the files in my folders. Steffor's shutters in Aelia's Eco and Jewel colors. Comes with brand new radical repositoried meshes courtesy of Nymphy so even if you don't want the recolors you should still download them if you use the shutters.

Finally, more Homestuck garbage. I hit 300 followers on Tumblr so I made some Homestuck hoodies and then like three days later some chump unfollowed me so now I'm at 299 again. No that doesn't mean I'm going to make another 300 follower gift.

Okay back to doing nothing, see ya later.
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[download] "shine" - nee-yon flamingoz

Hi. I did these a while ago, kept putting off uploading them because I'm lazy or something. Anyway I have a few minutes before I have to gallivant off to work (new jerb at my old workplace, hurr hurr) so here is a present.

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[Download] "Nth Degree" & "Mobius Double Reacharound"

Streaky hair and some posters, now at GoS. Click on the pictures to grab 'em.
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[Download] "The Breakfast Line" & "Optimistic"

For one of GoS' December themes, I made a bunch of recolors and OMGWTFBBQ A NEW MESH. Want 'em? Grab them here.
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[Download] "Grab Bag" - Clothing, Posters, & Wallpapers

Concluding the content dump with this - a small batch of stuff that I don't have enough of to declare worthy of their own posts. And yes, the title image does not mention the wallpapers, I threw them in at the last minute because I forgot about them and later found them kicking about in my folder.

There are 3 clothing edits (more remixes), 3 posters, and 6 wallpapers.

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In other news, my offer for a model-dump is still standing. Anyone interested? Just give me a shout with whoever you want.
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[Download] "Halogen" - NMS Sofa in Aelia's Colors

I finally finished these! Took forever, but they're done now!

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