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Another February, and so another year participating in the Blind Date event at Garden of Shadows. This year I got paired with [personal profile] hat_plays_sims, and the gift I made for her is linked above.
You can find in the download a large set of wood floors, object conversions from Oblivion and Morrowind, a few hairs in colors by Flowermisty, and some meshes updated with pregmorphs.

Make sure you check out Hat's awesome gift to me further up in the thread as well! :)
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I participated in the GoS Blind Date event this month. My giftee was Bryde, and she shared the things I made her in the thread.
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These walls are originally by Cassandre, from her June's Bazaar set. I like and use them a lot, but needed more colors. I've been trying out different color action sets lately, this time around I used Huning's Pony colors.
I like using these as backdrops for close-up pics because they have a really nice, subtle texture. If you check out the personal tag on my Simblr you can see an example of what they look like close-up in some of the recent posts.

Here's the original swatch. All colors are included, and everything has proper filenames.

Credits: Cassandre, Huning


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A small thing. These have been sitting on my hard drive for a bit so I figured I'd share.

Some floors, terrain paints, and walls, using texture files from the Oblivion expansion Shivering Isles. Not much to say. There are 12 floors, 8 terrains, and 3 walls. I would have liked to convert more walls but I'm not particularly fond of multi-tile walls, so I didn't.


All files are named according to the swatch. They're a bit scattered throughout the catalog, and no collection file, sorry. :C All textures are untouched from the originals except for a bit of sharpening, so full credits to Bethesda Softworks - I just ripped out the pretty and put them somewhere else.


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I've had these done for a while but couldn't be arsed to post them. I'm putting them up now because I've been in a simming slump and don't know when I'm going to be able to finish any of my projects or update again.

Anyway, this is the floor from n-a-n-u's Latia Living set recolored in [personal profile] aelia's Eco colors. Because I always need more wood floors.

Also apparently there are only 17???? I dunno what the fuck happened to number 18. It got lost in the ether.


Find them in Wood, and I forget how much they cost. Credits to n-a-n-u and Aelia. Title reference


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Concluding the content dump with this - a small batch of stuff that I don't have enough of to declare worthy of their own posts. And yes, the title image does not mention the wallpapers, I threw them in at the last minute because I forgot about them and later found them kicking about in my folder.

There are 3 clothing edits (more remixes), 3 posters, and 6 wallpapers.

More info + Download. )
In other news, my offer for a model-dump is still standing. Anyone interested? Just give me a shout with whoever you want.
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I made another thing! More mindless button pressing that you can build with! :D

It Girl. Rag Doll. )


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