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I have been mulling it over a bit, and since I have started creating for TS3 on a more regular basis I've decided to start more clearly defining where I will be posting content for what games.

I've been posting the bulk of my newer content for both games over at Tumblr because to be perfectly honest, I am lazy as sin and Tumblr caters to that because I don't have to re-resize my preview pics to something more forum-friendly and it just instantly formats everything nice. But I digress.

From now on, all TS2 downloads will be at Dreamwidth and everywhere else I regularly post, so really just GoS and PBK sometimes. All TS3 downloads will be on Tumblr because honestly that seems to be where more of the community for it is at. I won't be doing any more crossposting, so no posting updates of TS2 things at Tumblr, and no updating TS3 content over here, aside from updating my download directory. I know my DW has been slow lately with stuff, the last thing I posted here exclusively was in February, and I'm sorry! Hopefully this will let me keep this blog more active.

And before anyone wonders, I'm not retiring from TS2 creating yet! I'm still very much learning the basics and the ropes with TS3 creation, but it's definitely what's been holding my attention for now. At some point I will probably take some sort of extended or semi-permanent hiatus from creating for Sims 2, but I still have a few projects (and promised things, augh, I am so sorry about those!!) I want to get done before I close the book on the game.
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New layout. Also updated my list of uploads in my sticky because it was missing stuff I'd uploaded months ago. Oops.
I've made a lot of crap, christ. I also hid some old uploads because they were bad and embarrassing and deleted a couple text posts.

New stuff coming soon! Conversion project for the GoS monthly theme (which is almost done! Almost.), plus an enormous amount of clothing and some hair. Granted I don't know how much of it will get finished, but the intent is there.

Speaking of which! Since I've learned how to convert stuff from Oblivion and have found it remarkably simple, is there anything people would like converted? I have both the original game as well as Shivering Isles so I can grab stuff from that too. I JUST REALLY LIKE CONVERTING STUFF, YOU GUYS.
(and I am so unbelievably sad that I can't seem to get the avatar of Akatosh statue from the end of the game to look decent once I scale it down to the size I want. I need a two-story dragon statue in my game, you don't understand...)
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What Sims 2 Aspiration Are You?
Popularity You like being liked, simply put! It makes you happy to know that others enjoy your presence. You want to have a group of friends who like you for who you are, and will be there for you when you're down -- and when you're having a good time. However big or small this group is (although it's likely big), they are the ones who keep you going from day to day and it's hard to imagine what life would be like without them. You're probably the life of most parties, and you know how to keep the good times going.

In the game, Popularity sims often want to throw parties, be best friends with other sims, and maintain a good reputation. Popularity sims are a bit like Family sims in that they want to keep in touch with those they care about, and maintain strong relationships.
Facebook quizzes, quiz apps & blog quizzes by Quibblo

Interesting. Didn't really expect it.

Anyway, hairs coming soon. I'm hammering away at quite a few older Raon meshes and a new Newsea one, so expect to see those soon.
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I find it necessary to state that I am not dead. I have no excuses for being dead, however, except for the fact that I am a lazy butt. Yep.

I also find it necessary to state that soon I will have things to post. Many things. And they will be good. Hopefully.

Here is a gif that is roughly analogous to how I feel about having stuff to post.

I will now return to my cave of baked goods and raspberry lime seltzer water to finish aforementioned things.

This has been a post.
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So I still don't have H&M Stuff and I went on Amazon today to see if I could snag a used copy cheap.

$4 for a copy described as having "minor scratches" and $4 shipping. LOLNO.

I'd ARR it but uh...I've had bad experiences with ARRed Sims games. My sims will go fashionless for now. I'll get a copy eventually when I actually have money har har.

In other news, I have a variety of delicious things cooking for you however you will probably not get to sink your teeth into them until next week or so. I'm currently sloughing away at a costume that is due for a con that is...oh, THIS WEEKEND which means my priorities are a bit skewed towards that at the moment. Also work, tutoring, volunteering at the cat shelter, etc etc...BLERGH.

That said, you will have your things soon. And they will be pretty ace, if I do say so myself.

ps does anyone want to add morphs to the jacket mesh i've been babbling about at GOS???
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wow i kind of really hate my layout

brb, fixing it up. apologies for any strangeness that may occur in the next few hours while i flail about changing the layout and possibly get bored halfway through and take a nap.

also, things coming soon. what things, i do not know. all i know is that there will be things.
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expect to see various things disappearing from my "shenanigans" list in the stickypost, as i have bit the bullet and put milkshape and simpe on the gaming computer. yes, my laptop decided to stop working again.

is it strange that i missed meshing? i hope not.
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Got my laptop working again which means I have access to Milkshape and Homecrafter once more. Expect some things to come soon. I also have a small set of eye recolors to share, but I need to make a swatch before I can post them.

I also need help, from anyone who has any experience using T$R Workshop.

I keep getting this error. I'm trying to open a .package file (it's an accessory) so I can extract its mesh. I don't know what the problem is. I have the newest version of the workshop. Anyone know what's going on? (or an alternative way for me to extract the mesh...)

This has been a post.
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Anyone know if it's possible to get Milkshape running in a no-installer setup? I'm still without a computer to *really* call my own so I'd like to avoid installing as many programs as I can.

As of right now I've been really lucky and have been able to find programs that offer no-installer options (i.e. just extract the folder from the archive and run it out of the directory without using an installer wizard) but I would really like to get back to meshing and, well...can't do that without Milkshape, can I?

(in...other news, if i do manage to get milkshape working on this computer, anyone want to hold my hand and help me with converting accessories from ts3 to ts2?)
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Hi! Hi! Hi hi hi!
I bit the bullet and installed TS2 on the computer I've been using. IT IS AMAZING. Everything is running so fast and smooth and oh man I could just cry with happiness. Playing it on a real desktop PC (even one not actually built for gaming) as opposed to a laptop is just such a vastly superior experience. Sob.

Anyway, I should soon be back to posting REAL CONTENT soon. As you probably have not noticed I have been flinging more and more stuff onto my "to-do" list in my sticky post, mostly hair retextures since I feel kind of confident about my ability to do those????
If I can tear myself from Myst and Riven and all the other stuff I bought off Steam recently for a little while I will probably actually GET THESE THINGS DONE although not the meshing stuff on the to-do list because I don't have SimPE or Milkshape installed on this computer and I probably won't be installing them.
(also if there is anything specific on that to-do list you wanna see let me know and i'll bump it up in priority!!! right now i'm just gonna be going down the list)

p.s. add me on steam, yeah?
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Hi guys. I know I promised I'd have more stuff for you all soon issues. As always.
I've been beating on the same old laptop for three years now and honestly I'm surprised it didn't implode earlier. It seems that running all the Sims 2 EPs with 10GB+ of CC on a laptop that has consistently terrible reviews and is called a "craptop" is not the best idea. My laptop also has a tendency to overheat and now with summer coming I can run it for maybe five minutes before it shuts off. This is with a cooling base and a table fan blowing into, mind you. Ugh.

Anyway, I'm essentially living off an external hard drive at the moment and it may be a while before I can resume non-stop simming, since I'm currently unemployed and therefore lack funds to get a new computer or have the power source on my old PC tower replace. I am probably going to stick the TS2 basegame along with SimPE, Milkshape, and GIMP on the computer I'm using at the moment just so I can get some of my unfinished projects, well, finished.

Bluhhhh. Misbehaving computers are no fun.
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Hi guys. I have been working on stuff, just put it all on hold for a little while because I wasn't feeling well for a while. I'm feeling better now so I should have some things for you all soon and hopefully something for this month's theme at GoS too.

Speaking of GoS, I thought it would be a good idea to make a Last.FM group because I know a lot of members there have accounts. So maybe go check it out and join, yeah?

Also...this is not really Sim related at all but, sometimes I make icons. And I want to get some practice with making text-only icons, so go send me some lyrics or a quote or something and I'll make you a pretty shiny 100x100 square. X)
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So, this isn't really sims related at all, but I was wondering if anyone knew of a place I could snag a profile code for Dreamwidth, like the pretty shiny ones that I'm always seeing for LJ. Normally I'd just use an LJ code but DW seems to render profile coding differently because they always explode in a GREAT FIREY BALL OF VISIBLE TAGS, or show up in a way that I Do Not Like. Welp.
Anyway, does anyone know if there are any pages with DW profile codes out there? I would rather not rock my hand-coded Web 1.0 oldskool profile table at the moment, herp derp.

Also, here's a picture of one of my kitties. Because I can.
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Hope you all had/are having a good holiday! :D

Now then. I am hoping to acquire a cooling base for my laptop sometime within the next week. This is Sim-relevant news because if it works, that means I can actually play the game again! Which means taking preview pictures. I have a goodly amount of content already made and an even more goodly amount planned and/or started.
If all turns out well you should be expecting a highly belated holiday dump of pixel goodness. I will keep the details of what such a collection will contain on the down-low for the time being (mostly because a lot of it is not done, and knowing myself, the minute I mention it will be the minute I stop working on it) but I will say that hair, makeup, and posters will be involved. ^_^
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Oh hey, I'm back. I managed to kick NaNo's butt and win yesterday, although my novel still isn't finished so I'm probably still going to be hacking away at it for the next month or so.

But anyway, the real reason I'm posting this is so I can be all fluttery and silly about GoS's theme for December. KITCHENS AND FICTION YOU GUYS, KITCHENS AND FICTION!! Oh man. Yessss. I love kitchen stuff. I love books and comic books and all that goodness.

I already have a bunch of ideas for this month, in fact I have SimPE churning away in the background as I type this. I'm probably going to recolor Buggybooz's KitchenBasic with [personal profile] curiousb's colors because I don't think I've seen that done yet? I also want to make some cluttery comic books. And probably posters. OH MAN I AM SO PSYCHED FOR THIS MONTH, YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW.

Enough silliness now. Time to recolor. Hopefully my computer won't decide to overheat and shut down on me when I go to shoot previews. :


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