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There are a LOT of pictures below the cut....

Here they are, finally! Eight guns converted from Mass Effect 3 as accessories. I needed some for a photoshoot and character sims, and then I took some suggestions, and, well...this is probably just "Part One".

Although the previews only show females, these work for both genders, young adult through elder. There is no custom thumbnail but the tooltips are clearly labeled. You can wear them with other accessories but obviously not each other. They will only show in the right hand.
I tried to align these as best as I could, but they're very different from the usual gun accessories in terms of shape. You WILL encounter clipping with most of the poseboxes for guns out there, there's really not much I can do. Use creative angles and Photoshop. :P
(Note that I did photoshop out some hand-clipping on the barrels of the larger guns, but besides that everything is as you see it.)
Now, then, pictures! Click on them for larger view.

(the Black Widow shares the same mesh, and is therefore just a recolor of, the Widow)

(this one will probably clip the most of all the guns, and I'm likely to go back and edit the placement of it at some point in the future...)

POLICY: Do whatever you want with regards to the Sims 2 end of things, just credit and link me please.
DO NOT convert or reuse for the Sims 3, I want to do the conversions myself. I can't stop you from extracting the meshes from the game and starting from scratch yourself, but don't use my conversions.
All credit goes to Bioware for meshes and textures, I just did a lot of wrangling. All eight guns are included in the same download.


Date: 2014-01-15 05:59 pm (UTC)
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Thank you!

Date: 2014-01-16 12:24 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] lalabubus
These are fantastic! Thank you.


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