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[sticky entry] Sticky: Policy, Downloads, etc.

Hi. I'm Lace. Just call me that.

Edit and reuse however you want, just credit me and anyone else whose work I may have used.
Never profit. Don't charge directly for anything using my stuff, and don't put it behind an Adfly link.
If you make a big edit like an age conversion or adding morphs etc, send me a link.
Ask me before reusing my Sims 2 stuff for Sims 3.
Please do not convert my Mass Effect conversions for TS3.

This blog is Sims 2 only! You can find all my TS3 downloads at Tumblr.

Click here for a directory of all my content.

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I have buttons. ^_^ The left is for my Dreamwidth, and the one on the right is for my Tumblr.
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[download] screenshot backdrop in kosmik colors

File this one under 'stuff that I shouldn't have put off uploading for so long'. I made these literally months ago but never bothered to post. Until now, it seems.

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[download] fallout missile launcher deco

There was a WCIF at Sims Cave for a missile launcher and since I haven't seen any around I offered to convert this one from Fallout New Vegas. Also included is a missile.

Both are decorative items and can be found in Electronics -> Misc (because the Deco section is plenty cluttered already) and both cost $150. The polycount for the launcher is upwards of 6k so use sparingly. The missile is much lower.
I tried to scale these appropriately so if you use an OMSP you will find they are sized to rest on a sim's shoulder, like how the launcher is positioned on the player character in the original games.

[ download ]

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[download] more conversions and a skeleton

Two new things:
An edit to a skeleton mesh by Cyclonesue for a request at GoS. If you want a repositoried version there is one in the post below mine, done by [ profile] shastakiss.
I finally finished my set of Daedric statues. There are new statues and updated versions of ones I converted a long while ago.
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[download] GoS Blind Date 2014

Another February, and so another year participating in the Blind Date event at Garden of Shadows. This year I got paired with [personal profile] hat_plays_sims, and the gift I made for her is linked above.
You can find in the download a large set of wood floors, object conversions from Oblivion and Morrowind, a few hairs in colors by Flowermisty, and some meshes updated with pregmorphs.

Make sure you check out Hat's awesome gift to me further up in the thread as well! :)
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[download] screenshot backdrop recolored

This is one of those things I was meaning to do for a long while...

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[download] io's lola dress shoeswapped

I did this a while back and completely forgot to share it...

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[download] mass effect 3 weapon accessories

There are a LOT of pictures below the cut....

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[download] maxi skirt with platform converse

This is a combo I wear IRL with surprising frequency and I got the urge to remake it for my sims...

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[download] zauma dara 3t2 retextured

It's already been retextured five times over, but damn it I had to do it my way too.

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[download] nouk kinkycurly retextured

Posted a hair retexture at GoS... :3
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[download] planet protector - aeris dress for af

UPDATE 8/16/14: Kalynn over at Garden of Shadows has added morphs to, fixed up, and age converted this! You should go get her replacement mesh because it's better than this one.

I think is the last thing I had that was finished before I hiatused. Okay, "finished" probably isn't the best word for this because it's not as good as I'd like it but it's passable enough to share, I think. I showed it a while back and I figured might as well post it since I still have it.

Pretty much is what it says on the tin, Aeris' dress from Final Fantasy 7 because I had a need for it for some reason, probably because I was annoyed with the fact that there didn't seem to be a sims version of her dress without the jacket painted on.

Jacket is from H&M stuff pack but I took it off this outfit by SerenityFall, put it on top of Amaryll's Alice dress, and then tacked on those big boots by Stradlin.
This is the first mesh I did that wasn't just a shoe swap so it's got its share of issues, there's some seaming on the waist you can see in the pic above, I tried to fix it back when I was making the mesh but couldn't. No morphs, also. Probably has some other issues too, been a while so I have forgotten.

ANYWAY you can edit this however you want, convert it, recolor, fix all my mistakes for me, basically do whatever. Credit to Maxis, Amaryll, and Stradlin for the meshpieces and textures I smooshed together.

[ download ]

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[download] pbk thing

Posting without too much fanfare - an old project I started right before my hiatus.
Available at Plumbbob Keep.
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[download] honeywell's 3t2 fridge recolors

Hi all, it's been quite a while. Let's see if I still remember how to do this.

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I have been mulling it over a bit, and since I have started creating for TS3 on a more regular basis I've decided to start more clearly defining where I will be posting content for what games.

I've been posting the bulk of my newer content for both games over at Tumblr because to be perfectly honest, I am lazy as sin and Tumblr caters to that because I don't have to re-resize my preview pics to something more forum-friendly and it just instantly formats everything nice. But I digress.

From now on, all TS2 downloads will be at Dreamwidth and everywhere else I regularly post, so really just GoS and PBK sometimes. All TS3 downloads will be on Tumblr because honestly that seems to be where more of the community for it is at. I won't be doing any more crossposting, so no posting updates of TS2 things at Tumblr, and no updating TS3 content over here, aside from updating my download directory. I know my DW has been slow lately with stuff, the last thing I posted here exclusively was in February, and I'm sorry! Hopefully this will let me keep this blog more active.

And before anyone wonders, I'm not retiring from TS2 creating yet! I'm still very much learning the basics and the ropes with TS3 creation, but it's definitely what's been holding my attention for now. At some point I will probably take some sort of extended or semi-permanent hiatus from creating for Sims 2, but I still have a few projects (and promised things, augh, I am so sorry about those!!) I want to get done before I close the book on the game.